Times are changing fast.

Free tools to take your nonprofit to the next level.


Next Step Digital works with nonprofits and member based organisations on strategy, digital transformation, communications and organisational change.

We provide tools and advice to help your organisation make an impact. Resources and time are precious. Next Step helps you rise above everyday chaos to do better and stay better  ■


Our Nonprofit Toolkit gives your team free resources to execute, assess and refine your work to make sure you and your team achieve long term results ■

A Team Social Contract helps build team trust, familiarity and (crucially) individual accountability through a joint expectation setting activity.

The Task Prioritisation Grid turns day to day chaos into a clear system of what to do now, later, what to get help with and what to reassess altogether.


You’re busy trying to manage staff, service members, deliver services and stay compliant. We can be a pair of hands to help draw up a strategy, spot bottlenecks and get shit done. We can help make a plan, then help deliver it ■


Don’t put it off another year. Some pieces of work feel distant from the main event, and get pushed to the back burner (again). We take that project, make sure it’s worth doing, then do it. Start to finish. Tick it off the list ■


Let’s talk and make good things happen ■