Task Prioritisation Grid

In the nonprofit world it is easy to fall behind on the bigger picture, when just trying to keep up with the day to day. Turn day to day task chaos into a clear system of what to do next.

The Task Prioritisation Grid is based on the classic Eisenhower Matrix. The Grid is a decision making framework that helps to make sense of long lists of tasks. We determine what to do now, what to do later, what to get help with or delegate and what to put aside. 

Time: 10 -30 minutes

Team: 1 – 10

Difficulty: Easy

This tool can be used alone and regularly to manage your personal task list, or can be used in small teams to help assess tasks and achieve shared understanding regarding task priority.  


  • Looking to declutter a list that has gotten large, unsorted or unwieldly.
  • Prioritising a list of tasks in a team or project group.
  • Building a shared understanding and priority list for a team.


Includes your Task Prioritisation Grid worksheet and detailed task prioritisation activity facilitator notes (good when using by yourself, or with your team)

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